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Goonoo Goonoo Challenge ...
NSW Champions... Chris Bagnall
and "Turbo"
.Goonoo Goonoo Station Challenge 2014

Everything was working for this event , good weather, venue, cattle and competitors made for a great
atmosphere. We would like to thank Tony Haggarty, station owner and our event hosts Joel and
Summa Mace for making this prestige property available for our State Title event.
This Challenge consisted of 2 elimination rounds , down to top 15 then top 5  then a run off for NSW
Champ. The workers and dogs had to perform consistently to make it through.  The task involved
creek and gully crossing, lifting cattle off hay,in and  out of yard adjoining fresh cattle and some
control work at distance.
We had veterans and new blood face up and make it through to the top cut off of 15. No one however
was able to collect full points. Dan Matthews and Lance were closest at 215 from 220, There was a
reasonable spread in scores, but still 2 rounds to gain ground. An extra job was added next round
and the very first team out, Chris and Turbo, got the full points allotted for completing every job, the
only ones for the round. A very good run was required to make it in to the final 5, and the strong dogs
in the first round held their edge. Only Phil Angland and Trump with a late near perfect run clawed
their way up to make the Final from a lower score. Another new competitor , Ryan Smyth and Joe,
with two solid rounds also made it in.
Stage was set, finalists were ...
Chris and Turbo ran first and worked yet another calm and precise round for the full points alloted ,
earning 714 from a possible 730 for the weekend. The other finalists battled hard and had good runs
but could not reel Chris in,  


HANDLER                    DOG                        

1st  Chris Bagnall           Turbo
2nd  Joel Mace                Oakley
3rd   Dan Matthews         Lance
4th    Phil Angland           Trump
5th   Ryan Smyth              Joe

Jackpot run for under 18 month old dogs..

Winner was Cody Angland working Cindy  156 from 160 !                 

A note of thanks must be given to Summa Mace for all her behind the scenes work and organising
made the smooth running possible.
Appreciate the efforts in the yards by Steve and Sherri Griffith, Ken Haggarty and Jamie Turner  and
also those that helped set out the cattle for each run. A special thanks to Chad Reynolds ..Lucky and
Gypsy for their tireless work making the set up as even as possible for all, they will be going to work
for a rest l reckon,
Cant forget the Nemingah School for their good work and hours put in to cater for the weekend ...
Thanks all.
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Doggy Steps
*   Warrabah Station Challenge..
Sat , November
Entries 0267 825 383

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Early morning cuppa and a discussion on
the days challenge course.
The jobs set out for the Barraba Challenge
are outlined to those getting ready to work
dogs. Each task is alloted points and is set
out so it must be completed effectively in
order to finish all jobs in the time limit.
Dog of the Year

2012 "Lance"    D. Matthews
2013 "Lance"    D. Matthews
2014 ?
Chris Bagnall,  Joel Mace, Dan Matthews, Phil Angland, Ryan Smyth and Tony McCallum.
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The Judge with Jackpot winners, Cody Angland and Cindy