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Bundarra Show Challenge 2015
Smoothly run Show   !!
Bundarra Challenge cleaned up by Emma McMurrich and her dog Red.

The cattle were there to be put around this year. They did not want to be over pressured , but would respond to a good dog
in the right position. Most were able to complete the tasks in the first round but often the simpler alternative was taken. New
challenger Yo Aoki and Fox were the first team to stand out . They held their lead until Dan Matthews and Lance completed all
jobs for a total score. After that trying for a compete run saw the clock beat some, but Chad Reynolds and Gypsy with a very
quick run joined the finalists. Chris Bagnall and Turbo overcame a slow start to make it in along with Emma and Red who just stuck
to it and grabbed the final spot.
A couple of extra head were added for the final round, and in taking extra care to get them all through each challenge saw each
team slip at some point in the last go round. That is excepting Emma and Red , this team made sure they did the best they could
at each task and left time to pen, and when l say left time, l mean the finished with 2 seconds to spare. So glad regular competitor
old Red , took home the cash at last Well done Emma !!


HANDLER                    DOG                        

1st   Emma McMurrich          Red                            200 from possible 210
2nd  D
an Matthews                Lance                        193  
Chad Reynolds              Gypsy                        189
4th   C
hris Bagnall                 Turbo                         187
 Yo  Aoki                          Fox                            183

Local Section winners 1st Chad Reynolds, 2nd Nathan Hall, 3rd David Collins

Congratulations to these and all competitors, there were many that made their way through all the jobs but didnt quite
make the final , well done .

A note of thanks must be given to Nathan Hall for all his help in the yards and for supplying the first round cattle.
For J & A Doak for providing final cattle. Chad Reynolds for behind the scenes effort and Chris Bagnall for the extra
yard work he did , Plenty chipped in with set up and organising , Matt Doak (show president ) especially and Tom
Colwell helped make it a top show Challenge, sincere thanks all.
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Doggy Steps
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Early morning cuppa and a discussion on
the days challenge course.
Dog of the Year

2012 "Lance"    D. Matthews
2013 "Lance"    D. Matthews
 "Lance"   D. Matthews
2015   ?????
L-R  Tony McCallum, Emma McMurrich , Dan Matthews, Chad Reynolds,
Chris Bagnall and Yo Aoki..
Bundarra Show Challenge
Sat , January 31st, 2015

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