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Manilla Show Challenge 2015
Good Job by big Joel and
Oakley  !!
Good cattle that worked well but made for a challenge.

The cattle were big , sappy weaner heifers. A nice line , you would be glad to have at home. They were fresh.
Joel and Oakley were second team out, and really made it look like the challenge may be a bit too easy.
l even made that comment to Joel as he walked of the course !! However , the heifers had just enough  in them to test everyone
somewhere around the challenge. Dan Matthews and Spider loomed in on the lead, but fell just short. Then, after a hard days
mustering, Lincoln Brown and Henry arrived in time for their run. A carefully managed run , with a good grip on the heifers saw
them join the place getters.
Local winner with a hard fought , but completed run was Tony Greenslade with his dog , Shady   


HANDLER                    DOG                        

1st   Joel Mace          Oakley                          165
2nd  Dan Matthews   Spider                           161
3rd   Lincoln Brown  Henry                             156

Congratulations to these and all competitors, there were many that made their way through  , well done .

A note of thanks must be given to Bill Greenslade for the nice heifers.
To Wayne and Dylan Keel for their organising and yard work.
John and Kate Mitchell , cattle and timekeeping help.
All Competitors that made time to come join us.

Congratulations also to winner Joel and his wife Summa   (new son Beau ),
and 3rd place Lincoln Brown and wife Kelly (new daughter Myla ), both
couples welcomed new babies very recently !!!!
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Doggy Steps
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Early morning cuppa and a discussion on
the days challenge course.
Dog of the Year

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Manilla winner Joel Mace, with runner-up Dan Matthews
Woolbrook Challenge
Sat. 23rd May

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